Welcome to Hamilton Logging Inc.

Here at Hamilton Logging we work to promote forest growth through responsible timber management, this is done by selective harvesting practices.
Our company works with many private individuals, state agencies, and state parks on timber management projects across the southern Indiana region.

On our website we have tried to provide you with all the information you will need to know about our company and what services we provide, we are currently seeking timber in the southern Indiana area.

If you are interested in receiving consultation or a quote for your timber land or information on timberland improvements please contact us today.

What Happens during a quote?

When you contact us we will ask a few questions and get your permission to look at the standing timber, then we will locate aerial photos and maps of your property.
Once we have all the necessary information we will come out and go through your timber land so we can give you the best possible information and/or quote.

Once we have looked at your timber we will contact you with an offer on how to best approach your timber land so you can maximize any harvest you wish to do.

Unlike many other logging companies we do not cut timber on shares. Instead we offer a set amount for your standing timber, this enables us to give you the best possible price and allows you to know exactly what you will receive.

Throughout the process there is no expense to you as the land owner. our quotes are 100% free of charge.

We are a Licensed and Bonded Timber Company In the state of Indiana

Verification can be made by visiting “mylicense.in.gov” and entering our License number “FTB000778”