Hamilton Logging Inc. is a third generation logging business.  The small family business was started in the late 1950’s primarily in Sullivan County Indiana.     Sadly, several family members have lost their lives, while logging.

As time progressed and family dynamics have changed, in 1996 Bobby started his own business, and Hamilton Logging Inc was formed.  Still a successful family business, Bobby continues to set a high standard of deep faith and family values.   Bobby believes that Integrity and hard work are the keys to a successful business. 

Bobby works extremely hard to ensure that private sale landowners and state forest logging jobs are completed in a timely manner and that those involved are satisfied. 

The logging crews and equipment are covered by liability and insurance while conducting the business of logging.  Hamilton Logging operates 12 month a year…weather permitting. 

Bobby realized his passion and love for logging during a summer part-time job, while on summer break from college in 1983.    He continued working and learning all aspects of the logging business.  Bobby has done everything from …

-Skidding tree’s to yard
-Cutting timber
– Yard/ Knuckle boom operator
– Working in Sawmill
-Operate dozer
-Drive semi
-Buying timber
-Cut tree’s into logs manually
-Scale logs

Personally, Bobby has 29 year experience in the logging industry. 
Hamilton Logging is blessed to have two (2) separate logging crews with a total of fifteen (15) professional, contract labor loggers.

That’s over 200 years combined logging experience.   The Hamilton Logging, contract labor loggers have completed Better Management Practices (BMP) classes through the Indiana Department of Natural Resources.  In addition to the BMP training, the timber cutters have completed Phase 1 of timber cutting.  The Phase 1 class teaches timber cutting techniques covering a variety of situations.  The Phase 1 class is taught by a qualified Indiana Department of Resources representative.

In 2008, after many years of struggling to get the logs hauled from the logging job site to the log yard or sawmill … it was decided to purchase a semi and log trailer.  Out of these struggles, Hamilton Trucking LLC was born.   Since then, we have six (6) semi’s and seven (7) log trailers.  Our six (6) semi drivers have over 150 year’s semi driving experience. 

Since February 2010, Bobby no longer works at the logging job site on a daily bases.  Bobby is a Timber Buyer, which means… contacting potential timber leads from “private sale” landowners.  If the landowner is interested in possibly selling their timber, Bobby will then walk the timber with the landowner, if possible.  If the landowner and

Bobby can agree to a price … a contract is signed and Hamilton Logging will put a good faith deposit on the timber.  When the logging crews are ready to move on this timber to start the logging process, the agreed upon amount will be paid in full before any tree is cut from the property. 

We are a Licensed and Bonded Timber Agent In the state of Indiana

Verification can be made by visiting “mylicense.in.gov” and entering our License number “FTB000778”